Cut toast with a gingerbread cutter for a quick, festive snack


Anne's daughter turned making gingerbread men into something easy enough for every day:

Amazon: Wilton Gingerbread Boy Comfort Grip Cookie CutterMy 6-year-old daughter came up with this hack to celebrate the holidays and her excitement about all things gingerbread:

  1. Make toast
  2. Cut it with a gingerbread cookie cutter
  3. Decorate toasterbread man with icing
  4. Eat and be happy!

Much easier than making cut-out cookies, and using whole wheat bread made it somewhat nutritious!

The Toasterbread Man! I love it. Now I'm craving cinnamon toast.

By the way, comfort-grip cookie cutters are great for little kids — easier to hold, softer to handle when pressing down into dough…or toast.

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AndCookie decorating with kids? Talk amongst yourselves.


  1. hrm says

    My friend just brought over pb&j sandwiches that she cut out with cookie cutters. A candy cane shaped sandwich tastes so much better than a regular one!

  2. Anitra says

    That is fanatastic! I often cut out sandwiches with large cookie cutters, but I never thought of doing a single piece of toast! I can’t be bothered to bake anything that needs to be kneaded or rolled, so this would be a perfect gingerbread-man substitute!

  3. kate says

    I do this for my 3 year old all the time, minus the decorating part. It works great for making “egg-in-the-hole” too