(2015) Quilt: online, collaborative art symbolizing “the beginning of the end of AIDS”

(2015) Quilt

ONE and (RED) have come together to create one of the most beautiful open art projects I've ever seen.

Aids Memorial QuiltToday, on World AIDS Day, ONE and (RED) have launched the (2015) Quilt, an electronic version of the famous memorial quilt created in 1987 by the Names Project Foundation. Everyone can make a panel online and add it to the quilt, with no other obligation beyond a personal pledge to raise your awareness about maternal transmission of HIV (an easy way to do that is to join ONE, or to purchase a (RED) gift this holiday season).

The hope: an AIDS-free generation by 2015.

Once you've added your panel to the quilt, you'll receive a free download one of The Killers' six (RED) Christmas songs specially recorded in support of this cause.

Take a moment and visit. It's an amazing sight. I hope you'll join me and create your own panel.

My (2015) Quilt panel

I got to know ONE as a Community Partner spreading the word about the ONEMoms trip to Kenya. Absolutely incredible organization. Here are my posts about the Kenya trip.