Thanksgiving hacks. We have them. And we want more!

Amazon: Fancy Nancy: Our Thanksgiving BanquetPlanning for Thanksgiving? Avoiding thinking about Thanksgiving?

Either way, we've got lots of great Thanksgiving hacks, from meal planning to table setting to keeping the kids occupied during the interminable Wait For The Turkey.

But we can always use more! If you don't see your Thanksgiving hack in the archives, send it in with the subject THANKSGIVING. I'll fast-track the highlights so we can all benefit.

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    Colin: This is Parent Hacks, remember? We don’t plan very far ahead. :)

    I find it hard to even THINK about Thanksgiving before Halloween. Both because there’s plenty to keep me busy with Halloween prep, but also because I resent the accelerated holiday schedule that seems to get a little faster each year. It’s like my brain refuses to take part in the hype until it feels right, even if that forces me to do a bit of last-minute scrambling.