Keep an empty soda bottle in the car for little boy pee emergencies

Amazon: Nova Male Bed UrinalThe title of this hack says it all (perhaps too much for some of you?), but Kim deserves major credit for sending this in. Because, come on! This is so helpful!

Here’s a slightly embarrassing but truly useful hack – for little boys only, I’m afraid.

I keep an empty water or soda bottle in my car for my little boy in case of pee emergencies. Turns out the opening in these bottles is just big enough for a neat and tidy emergency pee (if you can picture what I mean). Then, put the cap back on, and dispose of the contents at your convenience!

Think of the stories a little boy could tell after such an "emergency pee." Possibly better even than peeing in the back yard.

Thank you for this, Kim. Really, it's a fantastic tip.

If you want an "official" pee bottle (called a "male bed urinal"), you can always get one from a medical supply shop. Or Amazon.

You're welcome.

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  1. chris says

    We keep a “frog potty” in the back of the car. Ours was from Target, I’m sure plenty of other places have it and it was $10-15 range. It has a removable pot and a frog base. beauty of this one is it works perfectly without the pot. Place the base in the grass and all the “business” goes straight through. This makes a great emergency/travel potty for the boys AND girls of all ages. When we’re in a place that there’s no practical patch of grass (like the mall parking lot when done shopping and AFTER everybody insists that nobody needs to), then you use the removable pot and pour it out wherever. Clean the frog with a baby wipe, a little hand sanitizer for the hands and we’re good to go.

  2. JDG says

    We have used a bottle while in the NYC subway system. He got mad because I threw the bottle away so fast, he didn’t get a chance to look at it.

  3. Jill says

    I can’t even count the number of times I’ve already done this. A lifesaver with my three boys. Now with a girl who’s almost ready to potty train, I guess I’m gonna have to look for that frog potty!

  4. Danny says

    My middle son (5yrs old) has a weak bladder and can’t hold it too long so we keep a few empty Gatorade bottles for emergencies. There’s a wide opening and they can screw the lid on when they’re done.

    This came in handy for the 11hr drive to Outer Banks, NC this summer!

  5. ca says

    make sure to leave space between the boypart and the opening of the bottle, otherwise it will spill out and onto hands and pant and car. … advice from experience!

  6. Heidi says

    My son broke his femur, and we needed to use bottles a LOT, because it was so hard (and painful!) to get him in and out of the car that summer. He’s a bottle-peeing pro now, and I think we’re going to toss a couple emergency bottles in the car for our upcoming Thanksgiving roadtrip (TX to WI).

  7. Jen says

    Just be careful with directions about how to do it, if the boys are very young! I know someone who told her son to pee in a bottle recently and instead he ended up missing and peeing all over the backseat. :)