Bandana as toddler fashion-accessory-slash-snot-neckerchief

Neckerchief as snot wiper

This adorable child could have come straight out of a high-end kids' catalog, but, no, this is a picture of A SNOT WIPER. From Kim:

I have a ton of bandanas and handkerchiefs that I carry around for my kids during cold and flu season. When my daughter was 2 I started tying them around her neck for easy access. Better than snotty sleeves!

To be fair, that bandana won't look as good once it's covered with snot. But still! So cute!

[Update: Kim wrote back apologizing that this isn't a picture of her daughter, as she didn't have one of her kids wearing their snot-wipers. This is a Googled-image of a random kid wearing a neckerchief. For all we know, it could have come from a high-end kids' catalog. BUT STILL.]

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  1. Amanda says

    OMG, I’m all for not overprotecting your kids, but I could not do this for risk of strangulation. I’m hyperventilating just looking at it. When should kids be able to handle this age-wise?

  2. Tracy says

    What’s the big deal? A kid this age is always under supervision…they won’t choke! It’s like wearing a bib people! I love this hack & am using it now with my 17 month old who has a runny nose this week.

  3. Bev says

    I think every child in Europe wears a bandana like this, I’ve never heard of it being a strangulation risk. It’s particularly common with little ones who dribble a lot, and since they don’t really move, I don’t think it’s an issue.

  4. Bev says

    It looks like the bandana bibs in England tend to have poppers at the back so I guess they would come off if necessary.

  5. Nicole says

    My first thought looking at this was, “What a fabulous idea!” I scrolled down to the comments expecting to see others who were wildly in love with not having to carry a hundred wadded up tissues in their pocket (only to get forgotten and washed). I had even hoped to hear about other similar ideas that folks had used. But a strangulation hazard? It can’t be any more so than my daughter’s favorite Sesame Street turtleneck… How tightly do people think this is tied on? It clearly drapes down low enough that you can tell it fits right loosely right over the top of her head. Yikes. Not what I expected at all… Any how, I love this idea and I’m using it today, no matter how ‘ignorant’ I might be to this ‘strangulation hazard’!

  6. says

    My two teens (ages 15 and 13) wore bandanas around for several years and they’re still alive. It’s not only great for snot but my kids were both spit-up artists and bandanas are excellent for catching that as well. And, don’t forget dress-up! Bandanas are a good stand in when no sun hats are around. How do you spell do-rag?

  7. says

    I always appreciate when folks point out potential safety concerns as I tend to UNDERworry about these things, so it’s a good balance and reality check. That said, hacks are always of the if-it-works-for-you variety. We’ve all got different thresholds.