Piddle Pad protects car seat from diaper blowouts

Amazon: Summer Infant Deluxe Piddle Pad, BlackIn response to a hack suggesting disposable changing pads as car seat poop-protectors, @Heatherikki pointed out a smart non-disposable solution: the washable Piddle Pad, made specifically for this purpose!

At under $12, it would pay for itself pretty quickly given how many disposable changing pads one's kid could go through.

Useful for the diaper blowout stage, and again during potty training. The Amazon reviews are excellent with folks saying it washes and holds up well.

I sure wish this were around when my son was a baby.

At Amazon: Summer Infant Deluxe Piddle Pad, $11.95, with free Super Saver shipping and free returns, and it qualifies as an Amazon Mom purchase.

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  1. says

    I always just used one of those small rubber sheet saver pads left from newborn days. You could even cut a hole out for the carseat buckle. I also used thin nylon diaper pants over underwear for outings in the first few months of potty training. Saved the pants and the carseat!

  2. says

    Oh, useful!

    After a bout of epic carsickness, we started putting an old towel between the car seat and the car’s bench seat. It doesn’t interfere with the LATCH system at all. We keep another old towel in the car to drape over the car seat in the summer so it/the buckles don’t get hot in the sun. This looks like another thing to add to our car seat arsenal.

  3. Patti says

    Hey remember though folks if it didn’t come with the seat, it’s not tested to be sure its safe to use with it.Contact the manufacturer and/or read the manual!

  4. Donna says

    You want to avoid after market products or unregulated products (newborn head positioner, strap covers, piddle pad) because it is not crash tested with car seats and it often times will void warranties for car seat manufactures.

    When I absolutely needed to keep the car seat pee free, I would use a puppy pad and tuck the car seat crotch strap up. It was cheap, thinner then any diaper on the market(cloth or disposable), and I didn’t have to wash something at the end of the day. I also always had a back up for when the inevitable happened and I wanted to continue to keep the seat clean.

  5. says

    Since our two are older, the piddle pad has been re-purposed to keep seats dry after a trip to the pool. The kids prefer to use the towels as blanket.

    Aside: Safety is always a priority, but the piddle pad is exactly that; a thin pad. A crash tested piddle pad would be akin to a crash tested diaper.

  6. says

    My totally untested, unscientific opinion would be to agree with James. I don’t see how this product would affect safety. If I’m wrong, though, I welcome folks to enlighten.