Thank you for helping bring clean drinking water to those who need it

WIN THIS!Our raffle has ended and the winner has been notified. We are proud (and very grateful) — we raised $625 for Charity Water, which is $225 OVER our goal. Heartfelt thanks to all who supported us!

If you were too late to get in on the raffle, you can still donate directly to Charity Water on our team page. Please mention "Christine + Asha" in the comments there so we know it's you.

This was a wonderful experience. I'm not a comfortable fundraiser, but having such a commited teammate in Christine and such an important cause to support helped me over that hurdle.

Thanks to the organizers of Camp Mighty for this stroke of generosity and genius, and to all of you for helping us reach our goal.


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    Well, sh-t. I was so all over the map this week that I couldn’t contribute directly. Headed to the team page now.

    You and CK did wonderfully, and I hope Palm Springs is as a great a weekend for you as you both deserve.

    And I meant to mention: Your redesign is beautiful, dammit.

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    Thanks so much, Doug. With so much on your plate (and your upper lip), I really appreciate it.

    Aside: If anyone’s wondering about that lip quip, Doug’s heading up the formidable Dad 2.0 Movember team…raising money for prostate cancer research by growing over 100 combined inches of facial hair through the month of November. They’ve already raised over $5000! See: