Baby wipes as face cleansing cloths

Amazon: Pampers Sensitive 3X Wipes 192 Count (Pack of 4)As one who owns a total of maybe three skin care products, I appreciate Erin's hack:

I know that baby wipes have been extolled on this site as being able to clean any surface in addition to squirmy little ones. But I recently started using baby wipes to remove my makeup. I have pretty sensitive skin, but due to hormonal acne breakouts (good times!) I've added it to my routine. I've found baby wipes make an excellent makeup remover that doesn't irritate my skin, I don't have to wash off and I already have plenty of.

For those of us scrabbling with basic grooming and self-care, this is a simple, practical way to treat yourself nicely at the end of the day.

I know nothing about the beauty product industry, but I have ALWAYS questioned the need for millions of specialized facial and body cleansers (among other things). If there's a good reason why using baby wipes on one's face is a problem, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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  1. KellyK says

    I use the Target brand w/no fragrance on everything and I mean everything I might need to clean or get a stain up. It was the best discovery ever that they go everything clean. But when I have had a cold & no tissue at hand I have used one on my sore nose and ouch! I was surprised it would sting since I used them on my kid to wipe his nose or his diaper rash rear end…so I am curious too if these would be bad for your face. I too get hormonal break outs & I use the Target brand facial cloths which are about twice the price of wipes.

  2. says

    They even take off stage and water proof makeup. I think that because the sensitive skin ones are alcohol-free, they are fine for faces. Obviously they will sting over chapped skin, because even water stings there, but I think they are fine. Great hack!

  3. jillian says

    Theatre people have been using baby wipes to take stage makeup off for ever! Even the pros do it.

  4. polymathamy says

    Baby wipes don’t exfoliate or medicate like wipes made for faces do, so they can encourage breakouts. Soldiers and outdoorsmen use a lot of baby wipes when they don’t have regular access to showers, but they end up with body acne from it.

  5. L. says

    Recently I hosted a birthday party that had face painting. I wanted to remove the excess before the kids went home. I tried baby wipes, but almost none of the face paint came off even with a fair amount of scrubbing. As a last-ditch effort I tried my own makeup-remover wipes, and it wiped RIGHT OFF! I was shocked and amazed. HUGE difference.

  6. says

    Baby wipes are also fabulous to catch drips and fix “oops” when you are painting. Get the cheapies with no scent or aloe. They work better than anything else we’ve tried, and we do lots of painting. Sorry, I know that’s not on topic, but it just reminded me. :)

  7. says

    I am a regular user of make-up removal wipes from Neutrogena, but if I run out, baby wipes are the next best thing! They don’t seem to be as gentle (more scratchy) or as effective (require more wiping) but they work in a pinch!

  8. says

    Since I have oily skin, but sensitive skin, I have worried that whatever moisturizes in baby wipes might lead to break outs. I have used them on occasion though and it has never caused a problem. On the other hand, I have used “real” makeup remover wipes (Ponds?) and they DID break me out. Go figure.

  9. says

    Polymathamy: Really? I ask because Because “exfoliate” and “medicate” sound a lot like marketing to me. I’m thinking that outdoorsmen/solders must contend with much more sweat, dirt, moisture and layers of clothing than the average face that needs washing.

  10. says

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  11. Miriam says

    We have recently discovered that most brands of wipes even those without alcohol have… CITRIC ACID in them. That is the same thing that makes candy sour and helps many cleaning products cut through grease. It wrecks my babies skin even though with my older two we never noticed a difference. Some skin is just extra sensitive. Still, it makes me wonder.

  12. theresa says

    I don’t use baby wipes for my face. But I do use my face wipes to clean out the bathroom sinks after cleaning my face at night.

  13. Emily says

    I’ve been using baby wipes every night for years and my face looks much better than the adult acne I was dealing with previously.

    I actually put the credit for the acne removal on witchhazel which is part of my morning routine. but at night? 1 baby wipe, please :)

  14. Wipes Woman says

    I love wet wipes! And baby wipes are a godsend! But there’s a reason why there are different wipes for different purposes. I wouldn’t use a car shine wipe on my hardwood floor, and I wouldn’t use baby wipes on my face. The recipes are totally different – and make up wipes are meant to be more gentle on the face. That’s why I use A World of Wipes Professional Make-up Wipes. When I run out, Mamazone Baby Wipes are the next best thing.

  15. says

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  16. says

    Off Your Face™ cleansing cloth face wipes provide 3-in-1 cleansing, toning and skin smoothing for the quick ridding of makeup, dirt, oils and dead cell build-up.

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