Upside-down crazy straw + cup lid “locks” the straw inside a to-go cup

Amazon: Krazy Straws Assorted 12 PackRaise your hand if your kid takes the straw out of milkshake and soda to-go cups, thereby dripping on, spraying or wetting something nearby. *Millions of hands go up around the world.*


My kids love to take the straws in and out of lidded cups over and over, which can make a mess.  

One day, I gave one boy juice in a cup with a lid and a crazy straw.  For some reason, he wasn't crazy about the crazy straw, so I turned it upside-down.  What I didn't realize until my husband pointed it out was that turning the crazy straw upside-down locked it into the cup!  No more taking out the straw to play with it!

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  1. says

    Hummmm, first, it sounds perfect, but then there are retentions: If the liquid in the cup ist water, then it is no problem if they spill around. But if it’s milk or juice, then I would not use the crazy straws, because they are sold as reusables, that means, they are expensive, but you cannot clean them adequatly, when used with milk etc…. :(

  2. says

    Are there disposable crazy straws now? Back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and I was a child, crazy straws were not disposable and I’ve always wondered how one is meant to clean them. This is the same problem I have with most sippy cups, their crevise-y lids, fiddly valves, and vague sour milk smell.

    (upside down crazy straw is a cool idea, though)

  3. says

    I’ve got to try this. Another advantage, if the straws are hard, is that my son won’t be able to chew it flat, then get frustrated that the straw isn’t working!

  4. AP says

    I like it! To clean your crazy straws, fill a baking or other deep, long dish with hot soapy water and dump the straws in so they’re submerged. Be sure to move the straws around a bit to get the air bubbles out and then just let them soak for as long as seems necessary depending on how long the straw was allowed to sit and dry with the drink liquid in it. Then rinse under a faucet turned on full-force until the water comes out the other end for a few seconds – long enough to rinse the soapy water out.

  5. Lea Simmons says

    Straws are easy to clean with pipe cleaners. We always have them around for craft projects. No more stress cleaning straws, cups with built in straws,the straws on sports bottles, etc.