Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

I got my first "real" job because I knew how to use a Mac.

Every bit of Parent Hacks was created on a Mac.

I owe my newfound ability to stay organized, in part, to my iPhone.

My children and I have shared hours of fun watching Pixar movies.

For this and so much more, thank you, Steve Jobs.

I wrote Parenting Lessons From Steve Jobs after he stepped down from Apple. In it, I shared some of the insights I gained after watching this speech. I hope you get as much out of his talk as I did.


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    That Stanford Commencement Speech should be a ‘must listen’ for every college graduate. I wonder how many blogs out there were created on a mac? :)

  2. says, Emily and I are all 100% Mac, too. He changed the world, and our world also. Wonderful post, Asha and a great way to pay tribute – Thank you, Steve Jobs!