Amazon deal: Scotch Thermal Laminator $21.99

Amazon: Scotch Thermal LaminatorI tweeted about this Amazon deal yesterday, but it's really too good not to share on the site because you KNOW you want a laminator.

Yes, you do.

A personal laminator is useful for so many things, you'll wonder why you waited this long to buy one. And this is ME saying this, the chronic cheapskate and underbuyer, the one who makes do with whatever she's got sitting around, the one who has a whole SITE devoted to poking holes in the idea that you "need" lots of stuff to raise happy, healthy kids.

Okay, so you won't disappear into a puff of smoke if you don't own a laminator, but for a little over $20 (and free Super Saver or Amazon Prime shipping), it's an amazing value for such a versatile convenience.

If you're wondering what you would do with a laminator, here are a bunch of ideas. If you have another idea we haven't covered, please share!

At Amazon: Scotch Thermal Laminator (TL901), $21.99

Amazon Gold Box price ends on 10/22/11, or earlier if they run out.


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    I have this laminator and use it to make lots of things for my almost-3-year-old daughter. Some of her favorite “toys” are the cards and puzzles (printed cut-and-paste patterns, laminated and used as puzzle pieces) that I’ve laminated for her. Just the other day, my partner told me that “This laminator is like the best purchase you’ve ever made!”