Pack road trip snacks and supplies in a divided wine carton

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THIS is why the phrase "forehead-smackingly brilliant" appears in the Parent Hacks masthead. I mean, seriously, look at this!

Packing road trip snacks in their own little cubicles solves so many problems:

  • You can see what you've got (as opposed to rummaging in a crammed shopping bag)
  • Stuff stays relatively uncrushed
  • Stuff is easy to grab (reducing the scary reach-into-the-back-seat-from-the-front move)
  • You can stash paper towels, wet wipes, trash bags and utensils just as easily

Makes me want to go out and buy a case of wine just so I can have the box.

You could also make individual snack boxes (one per kid!) using the carboard dividers from six-packs of beer or soda.

Thanks for passing this along, Eva!

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  1. Daffodil says

    Most liquor stores will give you a wine box for free if you ask nicely. (Some may do it even if you don’t ask nicely, I’m sure, but I’m always a proponent of asking nicely!)

  2. Kim says

    We have two of those six-compartment, reusable wine bottle bags that we got at our local wine shop…I’m thinking each of my kids will get to use one in the back seat on our next road trip! And they have handles, too.

  3. polymathamy says

    Brilliant! However, is that half an avocado in one compartment?? Who takes half an avocado as an unrefrigerated, mess-free, road tri snack?!

  4. Katie says

    We also use the 6 compartment wine bags, but for toiletries when we travel in the car. This works well for shampoo, sunscreen, wipes, or any other like-items, even toys!