Halloween costume hack: turn laptop bag pouches into play holsters

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This hack comes from Jason, a SERIOUS costume guy. When someone talks about "Death Star Leia" versus "Endor Leia," you know you're dealing with a pro.

But even if you're a costume-making newbie, this hack (and the general concept behind it) is within your grasp. The idea is this: instead of buying fabric from the fabric store and fashioning something from scratch, buy second-hand, already-sewn items that approximate what you want, then deconstruct and customize.

It's not as hard as it sounds and it saves tons of time sewing (or gluing or pinning or Velco-ing), and, usually, money on materials.

In this case, Jason chopped up an old laptop bag and turned the various pouches and buckles into great-looking accessories for a utility belt. I have done the same with the ruffles on a girls' white satin dress — turned into a fancy set of Captain Hook cuffs and a dickey. Mind you, I don't sew. I did the whole thing with scissors, safety pins, and hot glue.

Jason says this is his "best Parent Hack so far this year." Way to go, Jason. Thanks for sharing it!

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