How to make a Halloween horror movie with your kids


One dad's account of planning out, filming, editing and screening a Halloween "horror" video with the neighborhood kids.

This looks like SO much fun. If you've got flexible standards and a sense of humor, this is totally doable for anyone with a basic video editing program. The ones I keep hearing about are iMovie for the Mac and Windows Movie Maker for the PC.

Read the full post at Perfecting Parenthood: Perfect Activity: How to make a Halloween horror movie with your kids (Thanks for sharing, Alex!)

Anyone have a favorite video editing program? How hard is it to edit videos? I've never tried it myself.

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    Oh, and I’ll be making another Halloween video this year too … special fx are going to be out of this world. If anyone tries making one of their own please drop me a note on my Perfecting Parenthood contact page or Facebook page and we can post them all together afterwards.

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    It isn’t very hard to do, though more difficult than just making popcorn string, and it’s a really great way to get everyone involved from the youngest to the oldest and even the parents.