Weekend tour: How to get Parent Hacks updates

Weekends are the perfect time to set aside the information stream, don't you think?

I've decided, for the next few weekends, to take you on a little tour. My hope is that these "power tips" will help you get the most out of Parent Hacks, whether you have a question, a hack to share, or a comment/tweet/Facebook post to offer. 

Parent Hacks UpdatesEach weekend I'll choose one feature to highlight. Up first: how to get Parent Hacks updates.

Funny thing about Parent Hacks: you never know when a life-changing hack will appear. That killer tip that solves a problem you may not even realize is complicating your life.

Checking the site is a fine way to follow the stream of hacks, but if you want to make sure you never miss an update, there are easier and more efficient methods. Choose the one that meshes most easily with your web browsing habits.

Subscribe to the feed

Icon-rssIf you're a follower of a number of blogs, the quickest, easiest way to keep up with them is to subscribe to their feeds, which you then read with a free app called a feed reader (also called an RSS reader). Popular Web-based feed readers include Google Reader, Bloglines, and Feedly.

How Parent Hacks looks in Google reader
How Parent Hacks looks in Google Reader

To subscribe, copy and paste the feed address (/atom.xml) into your feed reader. You can then see a list of all of the site's posts, and click on the ones you want to read.

Subscribe via email

Follow-email If you'd rather get the days' posts delivered to your inbox, you can subscribe via email. You'll get a single email containing each day's new hacks. We NEVER sell or distribute your email address, nor do we email anything else to you.

Follow Parent Hacks on Twitter

Follow-twit I always tweet about new hacks, but more than that, Twitter is THE place I spend most of my conversational time. It's a wonderful place to tell me a quick hack, share a link, ask a question, or say hi.

I often retweet peoples' great ideas so everyone can appreciate them.

I'm @parenthacks.

"Like" the Parent Hacks page on Facebook

Follow-fbIf you spend most of your online time on Facebook, you can "like" the Parent Hacks Facebook page to get updates in your News Feed. You can also post a hack on the Wall, leave comments, ask questions, and upload photos.

I'm newer to Facebook than I am to Twitter. And while I rarely use my personal profile, I LOVE the community feeling on the Parent Hacks page. Come on down!

If you haven't already, please consider following Parent Hacks whichever way feels best. You'll never miss another hack!

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  1. says

    Thank you! They are working now. They are a bit misleading because they just lead to the RSS file itself, which looks scary. The object is to copy and paste the location of the file into your feed reader.

    I’m going to see if I can come up with a better interface for that link. Sadly, I can no longer log into Feedburner, so that option’s gone. (The Feedburner feed address still works, but I’d like new subscribers to use the current address.)

    Stay tuned! And thank you for pointing this out.