Halloween: it’s okay if you’re not prepared

Halloween pumpkins

Photo credit: lobo235

Well folks, the big day has arrived! The pumpkins are carved, the spider webs are up, and the costumes are squared away.

You know what? It doesn't matter!

Halloween's a holiday with endless amounts of wiggle room. No matter how unprepared you are, how last-minute the costume, how non-existent the decorations…your kid will still have a wonderful time. All you need are a few bags of candy to pass out and you're done.

Keep that in mind if you're feeling stressed during the lead-up to trick-or-treating. It's gonna be fun no matter what.

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Tomorrow: Ideas for candy disposal!


  1. Kendra says

    Great advice! I’m unusually busy this year and didn’t manage to make the kids’ costumes, as I usually do (not Martha Stewart quality, but a quick pass with a sewing machine and a glue gun). So they’re going the storebought route this year. And this morning (Halloween) I didn’t have any plans for a costume, but my 8-year-old suggested a black shirt and stuffed socks for arms, and I could be a spider. A couple of knee socks and safety pins later, I’m a spider! I think it looks totally halfhearted, but he’s delighted. Not about the quality of the end result, I would guess, but definitely about getting into the spirit! Halloween is the only holiday, in my experience, with no family pressure–where you’re allowed to make it all about the kids. And as long as they feel like I’m excited, they’re thrilled. This has become my favorite holiday, partly because we can set the standards low and really have a wonderful time!