19 October 2011

FlashBrite reflective stick-on patches add nighttime visibility to Halloween costumes

FlashBrite Reflective Stick-On Patches

You know, this is not a bad idea. I just got an email from the folks at FlashBrite, and thought it was smart enough to share.

These reflective stick-on patches shine when hit with direct light (think: car headlights), and are great for Halloween, bike safety, and after-dark dog walks.

You can purchase them online from the FlashBrite website ($3.99 per package), or at a few brick-and-mortar stores, including JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts.

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I think the skull and crossbones looke perfect for dh and the little pirates.

I found them over the weekend at my local A.C. MOORE. My little one loves the pumpkin and put it on her backpack

This is actually a brilliant idea. We've been using them (well, a different brand from the dollar store) with our daughter for a few years now. They work really well.

On the same note- we also deck her out with as many glow bracelets and necklaces as she'll let us!! Safety first, especially when it's littles that are more excited about getting to the next house than road safety!!

I was thinking I need something just like this... perfect!

What a cute idea--smart, too.

Here's another idea… have kids bring flashlights and keep them on wherever they walk. How about that idea?

Anthony, that's an ok idea, except that a kid shining a flashlight in front would not necessarily be visible to a car approaching from behind, and it requires a hand, which a kid might want to use to grab candy, making it pretty likely that the kid would just dump the flashlight into the candy bag.

Thanks everyone for the great comments! Check us out on "Good Morning America" http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/halloween-costume-dangers-14801769

Yes, this is a great idea to keep the little ones safe, but not just during Halloween holidays- all year long, finding a reusable idea could be useful, or maybe something a little more fashionable? :D MiniHipster.com

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