Flame-free Jack o’ Lantern: use Christmas lights!

Amazon: GP 100-Count Clear White Wire Miniature Light SetBrian's Jack O'lantern hack:

Have trouble keeping your Halloween jack o' lantern lit? Tired of burning pumpkin?

Take a bundle of 25 or 50 christmas tree lights and put them in a clear baggie so they don't get pumpkin goo on them, throw the bag inside, cut a hole in the back for the plug to go through and, viola, instant guaranteed light! They never go out and are much brighter than a candle.

I recommend using LED lights which don't get hot.

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  1. Melissa says

    Even better: solar powered LED lights. We’re actually planning to use a set in the bottom of our 22-month-old’s pumpkin while she goes trick-or-treating.

  2. chris says

    Make sure that if you decide to try this that you use LED lights. Standard Christmas lights get too hot, will melt the baggie and become a potential fire hazard. So go with an LED string, or stick the the little blinking LED jack-o-lantern light. We got them last year on clearance after Halloween and I think I paid like 50 cents for them!