DIY budget bento-style lunch kit

"Bento" lunch kit made from disposable food containersWho among us hasn't coveted one of those nifty bento-style lunch boxes, either for our kids or for ourselves? The little containers! The appetizing presentation! Perhaps it will make lunches for us!

Well, if you've priced them out, you know they're not cheap. Here's Courtney's alternative, made out of disposable (but reusable) food containers you buy at the grocery store.

Pictured here: my lunch in my Ziploc version of a "bento box" lunch kit. $2.50 for two containers at Target. Has changed my snacking and lunching habits for the better! Have not even used any of my Snapware since I bought these for school lunches.

By the way, the small cup is a washed-out applesauce cup. Fits perfectly, and I'm happy to be able to reuse them.

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  1. Jennifer R says

    I have been using these Ziploc containers for over a year now to pack my girls’ lunches (ages 2 and 4), and I LOVE them!
    I prefer them over a Laptop Lunch kit or similar, because little kids are likely to lose the different pieces, and because it’s really easy to wash the Ziploc’s single molded plastic in the top rack of the dishwasher.

  2. Heidi says

    I’ve been using the tiny containers from a big set from IKEA to make DIY Lunchables for my kids. Crackers separate from cheese and meat, a little fruit on the side…! Yours is so cute, and i never thought to make a cute lunch for myself! Thanks!