Fitness Boot Camp: Week 1

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The first time I heard about Fitness Boot Camp, I secretly thought the women who signed up were either hyper-competitive or insane. I would never, ever do something so…so…extreme. I mean, come on! I can barely touch my toes! I hated those Presidential Fitness tests in elementary school! No way, man. I'm never doing that.

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    The old workout adventure :) I wish you the best of luck and what you would think about make a blog post about how to prepare no to over eat even with Thanksgiving /Christmas coming? I think that it would be a good [and very useful :) ] topic.

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    Bluesauger: That makes me sounds like I have expertise on the topic! I’m not the greatest person to talk about dietary guidelines as I’ve never really followed any (and it shows). But this is what I’m doing right now:

    1. Come up with one breakfast, one lunch, and a few dinners that work for you right now. Healthy + satisfying. Lots of vegies, a fair amount of protein, a small amount (optional) of whole grains, a little good fat (olive oil, nuts, avocados, etc.), low-to-no sugar. Make these meals for yourself until making them becomes such habit it’s effortless. And drink a lot of water.

    2. When the holidays roll around and you’re going to parties, or family gatherings, or work events, keep eating these healthy meals. Nothing says you have to go to parties hungry. If it’s a dinner party, eat smaller portions and see below.

    3. Fix in your mind what your FAVORITE holiday treats are. I mean absolute favorite, as in, you look forward to them all year. Pumpkin pie, egg nog, whatever. EAT THOSE THINGS and skip the other stuff you’d mindlessly eat but isn’t really your favorite.

    For example, I’ve decided I no longer need to eat most packaged cookies. I LOVE homemade cookies, and they’re around rarely enough that overeating isn’t a problem. I only eat packaged cookies because they’re there and I think I’m treating myself, but really I just end up feeling disappointed.

    It’s a place to start.