PH redesign tweak: do you miss threaded comments?

Hi all. Quick design question for you: what do you think about the updated comment functionality?

I went back to straightforward comments (no threading, no userpics/avatars, simpler formatting) after hearing that the previous setup didn't always work properly. But I'd like to hear if you feel like that's an improvement. I'm not sure it is.

If you've got feedback, leave a comment on this post. Much appreciated, folks.

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  1. says

    Personally I like the threading, but I don’t think think the userpics/avatars are necessary. Although it’d be nice to see some distinguishment (especially if you’r not threading) on your replies versus new comments

  2. says

    Gil: Thanks. I’m doing some CSS wrangling to make my comments stand out. I noticed the threading thing especially for older posts that were previously threaded and now aren’t. Hard to follow the conversation, and that’s the whole POINT of the comments.

    Then again, if the comments don’t even work for some people, that’s even worse.

  3. says

    A followup for all: as you can see, my comments now sport a lovely grey background so you can pick out my replies more easily. As for threading (being able to reply to an individual comment, as opposed to just leaving another comment in the group), that will take some work to reinstate. I’m still evaluating if it’s worthwhile.

    Thanks for the feedback. If anyone else feels like chiming in, feel free.