Nonprofit Catalog Choice helps you cut down on paper junk mail


I spied this van while walking my daughter to school. Is anyone else depressed by its message?

I'm on a quest to rid our house of clutter. (I always seem to be on this quest, but no matter.) And the constant inflow of junk mail and the waste it produces aggravates me every day.

Catalog ChoiceCalifornia-based nonprofit Catalog Choice can help. You give them your details, and they remove your name from catalog mailings lists, for free. For a donation of $20 or more, they will also remove your name from marketing databases. Check the FAQ for details.

Catalog Choice has been around since 2007, and I've heard about them a number of times.

Has anyone tried Catalog Choice? I'd love to hear about your experience.

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  1. Kristi says

    I have been using Catalog Choice for several years, and have been so impressed that I chose to donate to them earlier this year. If you order from companies who sell their mailing lists (ahem, Garnet Hill), Catalog Choice is truly outstanding. They make it simple to use and, based on the status of my mailbox, they’re effective.

  2. Betsy says

    Between their efforts and mine I often go days with NOTHING in my mailbox. I’ve donated also. I think they do a great job.

  3. Lissa says

    Yes yes yes! Catalog Choice is excellent! I’ve used it for several years as well, but haven’t ponied up for the donation level.

    Our mailbox is very small (one big community set of boxes on the next street over), and with small kids I don’t always get to empty it each day. I found out the hard way that our Post Office will send our mail back to the sender if the box gets too full. So I started using Catalog Choice to reduce the extra stuff that was just getting thrown into the recycling bin anyway. It has been fabulous! Last year I signed my dad up as well, since he was having trouble getting to his mailbox and didn’t need all the catalogs that my late mother had signed up for over the years.

  4. Rich says

    I’ve been using Catalog Choice for years and also recently donated. Fantastic service that I really enjoy using. I actually look forward to the errant catalog that ends up in my mailbox…so I can enter it in the CC website and kiss it goodbye!

  5. says

    The gripe I have about this is that some “junk mail” is really junk, and other pieces of mail have great coupons. If your name gets removed, you lose the good “junk” too!

  6. says

    I love it when something works as advertised! Got a tweet from the Catalog Choice folks (@CatalogChoice) thanking everyone for the unsolicited positive feedback.

  7. says

    I tried this a couple years ago and it didn’t make much of a difference. I ended up having to call the senders individually as the catalogs came in. And now I ask not to be put on the mailing list if there’s a comment area when I order something online. Now I only get a handful of catalogs a month.

  8. says

    Thought you might like to check out the mail art my stamp club did this week –inspired by your recent mail art post! I posted photos on my blog.