MAKEDO connectors help kids turn found objects into art


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Wow! What a wonderful gift for little artists, engineers, architects, and hackers-in-training. These simple tools and connectors help kids take whatever they have lying around — boxes, paper cups, and other found materials — and turn them into art, costumes, structures, vehicles…you name it. Check out the MAKEDO Gallery for inspiration.

Thanks, Cool Mom Picks, for the pointer.

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  1. Jenna says

    Looks cool! But I’m pretty sure the same thing can be achieved using what I used to make my many creations when I was a kid: scissors, tape, and brad connectors :p

  2. says

    I bought my kids low temp glue guns a few years ago. My boys are 7&8 now so the younger one probably started at 5. They glue with all sorts of recycling: cardboard, cans and colorful plastic caps. Very few minor burns have occured but you can do what Martha does and keep a bowl of ice water on the table.