How to store little girls’ necklaces? Talk amongst yourselves.

Amazon: Command 17006-VP Mini Hooks Value Pack. 18 Hooks 24 StripsTracy, inventor of a thousand hacks (or at least it seems that way!), is finally stumped! Let's give her a hand. The challenge: storing and displaying little girls' necklaces.

I usually come up with hacks on short notice, but have to say, I'm at a loss on this one.

My niece would like a place to keep all of her kid-sized necklaces, rather than leaving them all tangled in a jewelry box.  I'd love to hear what other parents are doing to hang necklaces — something kid-appropriate and could possibly add decor to her room.

My first thought is a bunch of hooks, creatively spaced, on the side of a dresser or a section of wall. Command self-adhesive hooks would work perfectly, and wouldn't mar any surfaces. I use mini hooks in my daughter's room to hang small toys and ornaments she likes to keep near her bed.  (Amazon's having a sale on Command products till 9/30/11.)

Another idea: a cute pin board, perhaps covered with fabric. (I've got this hair clip board on my brain.)

What say you? Any good ideas for storing and displaying little girls' necklaces and jewelry?


  1. says

    I know a woman who has men’s tie racks (very nice wooden ones) mounted inside her closet on the walls where she hangs all her necklaces. I’m going to do that when I grow up.

  2. Kris says

    I got an inexpensive coffee mug tree and drape my necklaces over the pegs, using the lower tier for bracelets. $5 and done.

  3. Cara says

    I used a pin board as a kid to hang my necklaces, but for my own daughter, I was thinking about using one of those picture hanging wires – the ones with little alligator clips attached to a wire that hangs across a room. I used to have one in college from Urban Outfitters or something, but I will probably just use picture frame wire and little binder clips this time since I can’t seem to find any available for purchase anymore.

    The picture wire with binder clips can also be great for photos and light paperback books too!

  4. charlotte says

    I used a length of eyelet lace and taught my daughters how to sew on a button. They sewed on lots of different buttons in a row and then pinned both sides to the wall and the necklaces hang from the buttons. Two birds with one stone. They learned to sew on buttons, also they got to choose the eyelet and the buttons so they felt like they were choosing deco for their room.

  5. Laura says

    Get a shadow box or two, put cute paper or fabric in the back, and then use cup hooks (or command hooks) either on the inside top or back. Hang on your wall.

  6. says

    In my room I have a jewelry tree, and you could get an inexpensive tree (like the little ones at the craft stores for Easter and Halloween) to use for kids’ necklaces.

  7. Amy says

    I can’t wait to hear all these great ideas- I had a jewelry box on my daughter’s (age 4) Christmas list. However having them hang out in the open really isn’t an option in our house. We have a very playful, into everything, cat. I can just see necklaces being swatted and played with all day and ending up all over the place while we are at work/school

  8. Christy says

    We used ice cube trays for jewelry, but necklaces get tangled – they’re hung on push pins on a cork board. You can get peel and stick cork at any office supply or Target now.

  9. says

    Our Girl Scout troop did a project where the girls made their own hangers. Involved a 2 x 6 board cut into lengths of about 10 inches with pre-drilled holes. The girls decorated the boards and then, with supervision, hammered nails into the holes. They are cute, and ours does get used.

    Might be a good mommy or daddy/daughter project?

    But mine are on a tie rack mounted in the closet.

  10. Tracy says

    Thanks to everyone for all the great ideas! Can’t wait to dig in and make my niece’s birthday gift !

  11. Kim says

    I also use wall-mounted coat rack (peg-type). Personal creations has really cute girl ones, or if you are craftier than I, you could paint or stencil one found at BB&B or Lowe’s/HomeDepot.