Attach real “headlights” to riding toys with Velcro


Amanda (@ItDependsOnLife) shared this hack on Twitter, and all I could think about was my car-addicted nephew (he's 2). He would FREAK OUT at the prospect of working headlights on one of his little ride-on cars.

Amanda's post details how she tricked out her son's Power Wheels, a motorized vehicle I find a little scary — but that's probably because I'm picturing the havoc my son would have wrought on one of those things as a little kid. He had one shot in the driver's seat of a Power Wheels in a preschool friend's back yard, and he almost put a hole in their fence.

But I digress. These creative ideas would work on any ride-on toy with space for a few accessories. Thanks for the pointer, Amanda!

Read the full post: That's Life: Pimp My Ride: Power Wheel Edition

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  1. Robyn says

    What a GREAT idea!! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. I am sitting looking through Craigslist for a power wheel type of vehicle for my son. He really wants the police charger ($$$$) but mostly because it has flashing lights. Thank you for posting this.