20 September 2011

Display seasonal books on a stuffed animal chain

Carrie already sounds way more organized than I am even BEFORE she came up with this: a clever hack for highlighting seasonal and holiday books.

Amazon: Original Chain Gang Toy OrganizerWe have a HUGE amount of books, and more coming in after every school book fair and Scholastic school order (we just can't seem to say no, and don't plan to start!)  

Over the years (we have four kids from 7 to almost 2), we've organized the books in as many ways as you can imagine... by age, reader level, topic, even by color. We now keep the majority of the books organized by binding color so that when the kids borrow a book from our library stash, they can easily return the books to their proper place on the shelves.

However, I just started going through and picking out seasonal books and clipping them to our old stuffed animal chains hanging over the reading nook. Now they are all visible and we are reading books about Fall leaves, the beginning of school, pumpkins, all the Halloween and Thanksgiving books, even books on spiders, wind and weather, etc. The kids can easily pull one down, read it and clip it back up when they're done. 

Now, instead of buying new seasonal books every year, we are able to see the relevant ones we already own. The chains never got this much use with stuffed animals and are working out so much better for book display! And the kids are more apt to read a long-forgotten book when it has something to do with the season. We plan on doing the same thing when winter approaches.

These are the hooks we happen to have, but anything similar would work out!

If you're handy with a glue gun, you could make your own book chain with a length of thick ribbon and wooden clothespins.

Obviously, this only works for thin, light, paperback books. If your books are more substantial, consider a rotating display on the coffee table, or in another gathering place in your home.

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Great idea! Clever, uses what on hand, and practical too. I thought a library shelf with the books facing out (held in place by a dowel) was good, but this is far better. Mind if I use it next time I'm writing about kids rooms?

We package our seasonal books with seasonal decorations, so when I pull out the decor the books come out too.

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