Hacks for larger families: 4 Kids or More

4 Kids or More
I've heard that when you have more than two kids, everything changes. Because you're outnumbered.

But I've also heard from mothers of three-or-more that there's a special type of surrender that happens…a letting go of the illusion of control that was never there in the first place. Once it becomes plainly obvious you can't do it all, that's no longer your goal. And you can more readily enjoy the ride.

Two of the most productive writers I know pun intended, heh!, Kristen Chase (Cool Mom Picks, Cool Mom TechMotherhood Uncensored, Mominatrix, and mother of 4) and Meagan Francis (The Happiest Mom and mother of 5) have teamed up to launch 4 Kids of More, a site devoted to the care, feeding and management of a large family. As an only child and a mother of two (and, of course, a collector of practical parenting advice), I can't wait for a glimpse into bigger-family life.


  1. says

    I agree–when we were pregnant with #3, it seemed overwhelming, but once he got here we finally learned to roll with the punches so much more that the idea of more is no longer scary. You’re already outnumbered! :)

  2. hrm says

    Great new website. I only have two, but I still feel overwhelmed with them. I’m going to lurk at this new site for some useful tips.