12 September 2011

Amazon deal: Buy three Command self-adhesive no-mark products, get one free

Amazon: Command 17004 Jumbo Plastic Hook with Adhesive Strips, 1 Hook 4 StripsThis deal caught my eye because I've got two Command adhesive hooks on my shopping list. I've been using them all over my house, and they truly work as promised -- adhesive hooks and organizers that stay put, hold a decent amount of weight, but remove with no damage, marks or residue.

The possibilities are endless, but here's how I use them at the moment:

  • behind doors, to hang guest towels and reusable shopping bags
  • in the kitchen, to hang kitchen towels
  • in the kids' rooms to hang wall decor and robes
  • in closets to add more hanging space

I'm buying two jumbo hooks so the kids have a place to hang their backpacks near where they do their homework. I am finding that the less distance there is between papers and backpack, the more likely it is to make it back to school.

This month, Amazon is offering a buy-three-get-one-free deal on a selection of Command products. You'll find more than just hooks; there are organizers, cord bundlers, recharging stations, refill strips and more. Good for dorm rooms, entries, storage rooms, laundry rooms and little pockets of unused wall space. Also great for seasonal or holiday decorations (Halloween, Christmas...).

Does anyone else love Command hooks as much as I do? How do you use them in your home?

At AmazonBuy Three Command Products, Get One Free

Promotion ends September 30, 2011. I have not been contacted or compensated by 3M -- I'm just a satisfied customer.

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For those in Oregon, they are 2 for 1 at Fred Meyer right now.

Make sure you look at them closely- many only hold 3.5 or 5 pounds- not enough for a backpack.

We use them to hang dress-up clothes in the playroom.

We use them at toddler eye level for the toddler to hang up her own towel in the bathroom, and her own coats at the front door. When she gets taller, it's a simple matter to move them up!

I love them- I have an old house w/plaster walls, so every hole is a huge pain.

This is funny -- right after I did my day's posting, including this post, I headed over to Fred Meyer and, lo and behold, saw that deal.

We also use them by the door for our preschooler to hang up his jackets. As well, we attach them near his kitchen play center area for his little broom, duster, spatulas, etc.

I am currently trying to figure out how I can use them to get some of his musical instruments off the floor (i.e. guitar, keyboard) when he's not playing with them. We rent so I do not want to put holes in the wall.

I just put a stainless-looking magnetic board on my stainless fridge with the bathroom strips so the kids can play with their alphabet toys while I make dinner. It looks so good!

The second most recent one I put up was to hang a set of spare keys out of sight and reach of the front door, but close enough to grab in an emergency. If I could remember where I stashed the rest of the pack, I would hang the nursery decorations in my daughters room. We've also had some limited success using the little ones to keep cords next to the wall. Some were too heavy though.

Thanks for the heads up on the deal, I would have missed it otherwise!

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