Babble Voices: The Accidental Expert

Babble Voices: The Accidental ExpertFrom the beginning, Parent Hacks has been tangentially about me, my parenting, and my kids. My take on things sets the tone, kicks off the discussion, and sometimes hogs the spotlight, but, generally, Parent Hacks is about the hacks, the conversation and about us.

Those of you who have spent much time with me, either online or in person, know that I can get pretty philosophical. I tend to be a big-picture thinker, finding metaphors, speaking in patterns, noting connections. Not always useful, but usually interesting (for me, at least).

In other words, I have a lot to say about parenting and life that isn't exactly hackworthy. And I now have the perfect outlet: my new Babble blog, The Accidental Expert.

Babble Voices, launched today, is a collaboration between Babble and several writers and people you may already know and love. It's a diverse collection of personalities, tones, and opinions, and I am thrilled to be in such talented company.

The Accidental Expert will be a place for wide-ranging observation, broad humor (because parenting can be pretty funny), and curiosity. Who knows where we will go?

I invite you to read my inaugural posts:

Stumbling toward "knowing best"

Housepainting and change

I can't wait to hear what you have to say.


  1. famousamy says

    Awesome! Will there be an RSS feed for it? If it’s not in my reader I tend to forget about things.

  2. Jaime says

    I was going to ask this same question. My biggest complaint about the babble blogs is that I usually can’t find a feed for them…