Parent Hacks admin: Crying uncle

Clearly, this week, my good intentions are outstripping my ability to juggle my priorities.

I'm busy working on a couple exciting developments I will be revealing here in the next week or two. That, plus housepainters, plus summertime kid fun and an impromptu family trip, has eaten into my time and focus, and the hack flow has slowed to a trickle. I apologize for that, especially as I'm still sitting on some great biking with baby hacks you sent in response to my request.

For those of you getting ready to send your kids back to school, I hope it has been a wonderful summer. I will be back with hacks in a few days!


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    This is how I can tell I’m still sleep-deprived because of thew new baby: I read this post three times to find some reference to your crying uncle. (Maybe something sad happened on the impromptu family trip? No? Oh, THAT kind of crying uncle.)