Mitten clips protect “lovies” from loss

Amazon: Mitten Clips (Light Blue)If you've ever experienced the disaster that is losing your kid's blankie/stuffed animal/lovey while away from home, you will appreciate Amanda's hack:

I was worried about losing my daughter's lovey, a pink elephant with a little blankie built in, while traveling. Then I remembered the mitten clips we had put away from Winter! I can clip the elephant to her jacket or my backpack to keep it safe.

So simple, so smart. As a backup, if you can, consider buying a duplicate lovey to keep on hand in case the clip fails to do its job. Because duplication rules.

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  1. Whitney says

    I love mitten clips – and I never use them for mittens! Until my son reached a clothing size where the pants are adjustable waist, I used them to cinch his pants in.

    I just attached them to a side belt loop, pulled them through the back loops and attached the other side to another side loop. Worked great!

  2. Donna says

    When my daughter was younger, she was attached to a yellow giraffe and I was terrified of loosing him. I purchased a small dog collar and made a dog tag with one of those DIY machines at the local store. It simply had the name of the giraffe (Yellow) and our phone number on it. He is still wearing the collar and tag to this day- 9 years and 11 months.

  3. says

    I use mitten clips to hold a burpcloth under my reflux-y babies chin while in the carseat. 1 clip on each strap to hold it in place.

  4. says

    They are called mitten clips but I used them for almost everything else but mittens. So many times a real life ‘drama’ was avoided because of a mitten clip – a toy and a favorite blankie were saved more than once.

  5. says

    I wish I had thought of this when my girls were toddlers! Great idea! Ever since launching which creates personalized books starring a chld’s very own lovey…we’ve heard some interesting stories about the lengths parents will go to find a lost lovey – ransacking the daycare classroom to calling an airline and demanding the plane be searched! As for buying duplicates? In theory it’s a smart idea. We get it. But we’ve heard countless stories about kids declaring the “stunt double” as an imposter within 30 seconds or less!