Makeshift corn cob holder: two forks

Amazon: Progressive International Microwavable Quick Cobs Corn SteamerNot only will this hack protect tender fingers from steaming corn, it will keep most of the butter off of kids' hands. From Tracy:

Jam a plastic fork into each end of the cob for makeshift corn holders. Chances are you won't actually get the fork into the cob itself, however you can definitely push it into the kernels.

*forehead smack of "why didn't I think of that?"*

My tip where corn on the cob and kids are concerned: break the cobs in half, or even cut into "wagon wheels" with a sharp, heavy knife. Easier to hold and eat, less waste.

Other corn-on-the-cob eating tricks?

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  1. jillian says

    Cut the cob in half, and stab the cut end with a skewer or a fondue fork. (Don’t lie, you have an unused set of fondue forks in the bottom drawer.) It’s like a corn-pop.

    Also, if you score all the way around the middle of the raw ear with a paring knife, it will break easily where you’ve scored it.

  2. says

    Maybe everyone does this but I had never seen it until I married my husband…..butter a piece of soft sandwich bread and then wrap it around the corn cob until the corn is evenly buttered….so much easier than trying to butter a piece of corn.

  3. Wendy S says

    We all love corn-on-the-cob so I put several pats of butter and some salt on a platter and lay the hot corn on top of that. When it gets to the table the butter has melted. Each person can choose an ear from the platter, give it a quick roll in the butter and set it on their plate (or corn boat) and dig in. No buttery puddle on the plate.

    I like the fork idea!

  4. Tracy says

    this hack was more for if you’re not actually at home… we often go to fairs where all the luxories of home aren’t available.

  5. Nancy says

    In our family (since I was a kid) we use “the magic butter”. You put a stick of butter on a plate and roll your hot corn in it. You can use and reuse it for corn, or use the left over magic butter for any other typical use. My stepmother (a southern belle) is pretty much horrified but this, but the rest of us love it and it’s fun for kids!