05 August 2011

Hairspray removes temporary tattoos

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Our kids love to wear temporary tattoos -- those colorful decals that go on with a bit of water.  I don't mind them wearing the tattoos, but I don't like trying to remove them.

Recently, I had a lightbulb moment and used hairspray to help dissolve the tattoos. I sprayed it on, let it sit for a moment and then wiped off the tattoo with a damp cloth. It came off completely without ANY effort! (I washed my kid's arm with soap to remove any hairspray that was left.)

How do you remove temporary tattoos from your kid's skin?

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Baby wipes. They take off face paint, temporary tattoos and marker. Too bad I have no need to keep them around anymore, they dry out by the time I get to use them.

This was an accident but spray sunblock took my daughter's off. She didn't like that so we put more on after we went swimming etc... Generally we don't remove them, we just put more and more and more on and let them fade away. My daughter's a little tattooed lady.

Olive Oil works as well...and on permanent marker too. :)

Any type of oil will loosen them too. I prefer olive oil. Let is set a minute and it comes right off.

I've used rubbing alcohol. it's even taken off those really stubborn temporary tattoos.

We use baby oil. It usually doesn't take much with just a little rubbing, and it leaves his skin nice and soft afterwards.

It seems like every restaurant gives those out now and I'm constantly scraping something off my son's "guns".

We got several hundred temporary tattoos for Christmas and my kids are now tattooed all over. And at some point, they look like I simply never was them, as these half-worn-off tattoos adorn their bodies! We don't keep baby oil around, but we always have a bit of hairspray. Last time I'd had enough, I used spray detangler, on the theory that the oiliness would help, and it was an improvement over simple soap and water, but I'm definitely going with hairspray next time!

Scotch tape! It doesn't stick to the skin well, but it sure sticks to the tattoos!

We use baby oil. Dab some onto the tattoo just before bath time. Wait a minute or two and then rub gently with a washcloth. Works every time.

awesome! we don't use these often, but when we do I'm always hating getting them off. what great ideas!

Baby oil works like a dream. I hardly have to rub at all.

Just add a little water to rehydrate your baby wipes. They're very useful for wiping deodorant stains off a black shirt (polyester material), freshening up if you're a little sweaty after running errands, giving a clean/fresh feeling during a woman's monthly cycle, and they remove stains from clothing pretty well. I passed one to a lady with ink all over her hands the other night at a meeting after a pen exploded. It worked great. I keep a travel sized pack that I buy for $1 at Target in my purse and another pack in our family lunchbag for picnics.

And they totally rock for cleaning up surfaces around the house and vehicle too without any of the nastiness associated with "cleaning wipes." I was buying them in between children just for their awesomeness!!

Anything oily-ish. Mineral oil/baby oil/ olive oil as well as most types of 24-hour or "night creams" seemed to have worked just as well. I had a family member remove one off my daughter with nail polish remover even! (It was kind of an emergency as we realized the Flower Girl had a skelanimal tattoo on her arm!!!)

By hairspray..interesting coz never try this way.

As removing tattoos is very difficults for me so thanks for this new way. Let me try today only..

If I have to take them off, I use baby oil but frankly, I usually just let them come off naturally. My kids love a good (or raggedy old) tat!

Great tips for removing tattoos! Hairspray, wipes and babyoil are products we usually have on hand. Anything that works "double duty" is great way to save space and stay organized. This way you do not need additional products that serve only one purpose.

boo.. leave them on.. rock n roll! :)

eye make-up remover- either on a cotton ball or in wipe form. anything else besides oil and this is too irritating to delicate skin!

Sunblock (spray sunblock) worked for us!! We tried olive oil, make up remover cream and towelettes, nail polish remover and non of these worked.

Thanks for sharing how hairspray may help in removing temporary tattoos much easier. What other ways would you recommend if a hairspray isn't available? Good read.

I just used Freeze It hairspray and it removed the tattoos instantly!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Thank for cherring you gread idae i have try the hair spray on my dauther skin to remove tempporare tatoo it realy work in just one minut thank again yous make life easy

Olive Oil worked PERFECTLY.
I poured a little on, let is sit for about 1m30s
gave it a few good wipes with a paper towel.
It wiped away right away.
My 5 year old daughter arm is spared. :o)

Thanks for the tip

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