Bumpy play ball = Mama’s foot massager

Amazon: Sassy Sensory Ball SetWhen a brilliant one-liner hack comes through, writing a headline sort of ruins the surprise. So I offer extra applause to Kathy for this quick self-care tip:

The balls with bumps that all the kids have make great foot massagers.

I'm thinking a little foot massage while you're kid's playing in the bathtub, or while you're watching TV, or while you're helping with homework…

What's your tiny take-care-of-yourself treat? Mine: an afternoon cup of coffee with half & half.

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  1. says

    I also use mine for dryer balls – things dry faster & no static, plus way cheaper than the ones sold as “dryer balls”.

  2. says

    I kid you not that I was sitting at the computer massaging my feet with my dryer balls when I came across this in my reader! (they’re from the dollar store, so I have a feeling that they’re cheaper than the ones Erin has seen ;) )