Bumpy play ball = Mama’s foot massager

Amazon: Sassy Sensory Ball Set

When a brilliant one-liner hack comes through, writing a headline sort of ruins the surprise. So I offer extra applause to Kathy for this quick self-care tip: The balls with bumps that all the kids have make great foot massagers. I'm thinking a little foot massage while you're kid's playing in the bathtub, or while […]

Five lessons learned from 18 years of marriage

Giving marriage advice is as risky as giving parenting advice. No two couples or families are the same, so generalities should be approached with caution and a grain of salt. But that didn’t stop me.

Babble Voices: The Accidental Expert

From the beginning, Parent Hacks has been tangentially about me, my parenting, and my kids. My take on things sets the tone, kicks off the discussion, and sometimes hogs the spotlight, but, generally, Parent Hacks is about the hacks, the conversation and about us. Those of you who have spent much time with me, either […]

Glow stick bracelets light the way to the hotel bathroom

Donna's trick for helping kids navigate hotel rooms after dark: Recently on vacation, my kids had a hard time finding the hotel room bathroom in the middle of the night. I used those cheap bracelet glow sticks and wrapped around the door knob of the hotel bathroom to allow them to find it. Once they […]