Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 7/18/11

Weekend Ketchup!Summer has finally kicked in around here, and we're having fun hosting my 16 year-old cousin for a week (cousins are the most magical of relatives, don't you agree?). A second watching of Harry Potter 7, berry picking, beach play, a free concert in the park, a local college tour, the required pilgramage to Powell's City of Books

We are graced with lovely weather at the moment, which underscores just how blastingly hot it is in other parts of the country (and how silly my compaints about Portland's slow summer start have been). Please take good care of yourself with lots of water and rest time indoors.

The highlights at Parent Hacks this week:

Rainbow layer cake

The photo of Darcy's cake makes my mouth water. Click through to see…and to read the many comments with clever (often easier) variations.

Magna Doodle doubles as car food tray

One of those "why didn't I think of that?" hacks. So simple and seemingly obvious, but a lifesaver on a road trip or late afternoon drive.

Hack request: Biking with baby

I'm still compiling your "biking with baby" tips on gear and best practices. Are you a bike commuter or frequent rider-about-town? Email me with your wisdom! Read the full post for details.

Take better photos…with an index card

Very cool photography ligting tricks from Rachel's clever husband.

#ONEMomsONE Week in Kenya: Using our voices on behalf of the world's poorest

Ten parenting bloggers are traveling to Kenya today with the advocacy organization ONE, and I will be sharing their stories here at home. I invite you to find out more about this collaboration, which I think is the most important ever to happen in the parenting blogosphere.

Summer birthday party? On-sale school supplies make smart party favors.

Down with garbage goody bags! Up with useful, smarty-pants party favors! Good ideas in the comments, too.

Thank you all for another great week. See you Monday!

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