Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 7/11/11

Weekend Ketchup!In some ways, this feels like my first week of summer because we left for a long road trip right after school let out. Home re-entry after vacation is never easy for me, and it was made slightly more grumbly by the cool, cloudy weather (which, I'm sure, sounds like heaven to many of you baking all over the country). But I'm back in the saddle and excited about what's ahead…including watching the last Harry Potter movie this weekend.

The highlights at Parent Hacks this week:

Save money in grocery stores while traveling; use "Jenny's" number to get club discounts

Great money-saving hack for when you're shopping at a grocery- or drugstore you don't frequent. Wondering who Jenny is? Read the full post for a bonus: the music video of the 80's hit song. Brings back memories of my MTV-watching days.

40+ creative uses for wooden clothespins

An unbelievably diverse list, including a few forehead-smackers of brilliance. Do you have more to add?

Empty fried chicken bucket good for carsickness "insurance"

One of two of this week's vomit hacks! I apologize for putting the words "fried chicken bucket" and "carsickness" in the same sentence. We do what we must.

Easy, homemade coconut ice cream

My major dessert victory. Would work well as popsicles, too. Version 2 is my inauthentic version of Indian kulfi: used light coconut milk, swapped out the vanilla for ground cardamom and a pinch of saffron, pinch of turmeric for color, and omitted the toasted coconut. OMG. Wanted to fold in toasted pistachios, but was overruled by my kids.

Put your random bag collection to work by creating "activity totes"

A basic "get organized" hack which set off an absolutely amazing conversation in the comments. Must read.

Read this before you see the final Harry Potter movie

Are you seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 this weekend? Consider reading my (and sharing your) thoughts on the phenomenon before you go.

Vapor rub helps you tolerate post-stomach flu cleanup

Vomit hack #2 of 2. For those who can't help but throw up while cleaning up throw up.

Twitter and Facebook highlights:

Amazon: Original Sea-band for Children (Colors Vary) So much good conversation. We had an incredible volley of "babies and bikes" hacks, and are now discussing "kids and cruises." (Will expand on both on the site next week.)

And, going along with this week's vomit theme, we've been talking about the effectiveness of Sea-Bands for nausea. Short answer: they work for many.

While I was on my road trip, I tweeted about how much I enjoy reading about people's lives (this, after reading a newspaper tribute to Betty Ford). Suddenly I had all of these replies with your recommendations for biographies and memoirs, which several of you asked me to share. Here you go, with Amazon links when I had specific titles:

Thank you to all who replied…I can't wait to dig in. My library list is now full!

I got a lovely email from Adrienne of Baby Toolkit the other day. She and I have been corresponding since the earliest days of Parent Hacks, which means that we've now been friends for six years. Six years. It's a minor detail that our families have not yet met.

She said:

I was bowled over to see a rude comment on PH today. Then I realized that such a comment wouldn't surprise me ANYWHERE ELSE on the Internet. You run the nicest site on the web, lady…thanks for making Parent Hacks a civil haven on the sometimes snippy internet.

I wanted to share this because YOU are the heroes here. YOU are the ones who, since 2005, have been a part of a generous, intelligent, often funny, sometimes life-changing conversation about parenting. It's a huge deal that it feels so good here given how much the Internet has changed since Parent Hacks launched.

Thank you for doing this with me. Year after year, I am so grateful to do this "job."

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  1. says

    Asha I am making that coconut ice cream TONIGHT! Can’t wait to taste that sweet sweet homemade goodness in my tummy. Can you taste things in your tummy? I can definitely FEEL THE WEIGHT of a good meal afterwards though.

    Thanks for the list of bios… I love reading things like that.

  2. says

    The nausea wrist bands totally work. For background, I used to get car sick all the time when I wasn’t in the front seat. However, our 6th grade class went on a whale watch field trip in cap cod and the sea turned stormy midway through the trip. Myself, one of the teachers and the boat captain were the only ones not to get sick out of 51 people. I was wearing the wrist bands. The teacher and the boat captain were probably just warriors.