02 July 2011

Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 6/27/11

Weekend Ketchup!

Who else can't believe that it's July? Summer speeds by a little too quickly for me.

My kids and I have spent the last couple weeks in Southern California soaking up sun, family, and friends...not unlike my childhood summers visiting my cousins. It has been a welcome break from the omnipresent to-do list that is my house. I'm always surprised by how my physical location affects my mental clarity.

Let's have a look back at recent happenings at Parent Hacks:

Cool Summer fun: Draw on the driveway with ice

Suzy's tip has all the elements of a great summertime hack: it's cool, it's wet, it's environmentally responsible, it's easy, it's fun and it's free. Great idea from Sharon in the comments: freeze plastic animals inside the ice cubes to create an "Ice Age archaeological project."

Best of Parent Hacks: Summer fun

A collection of some of our best summertime cool-down strategies, snacks, and activities.

Vapor rub on the back of the hand helps congested thumb-suckers breathe easier at night

Many people swear by putting vapor rub on feet as well. 

Posh Peacock: You Had Me At Hello Notes of grace

Designer and blogger Christine Koh is donating 50% of the proceeds (which translates to almost all of the profit) from the sale of these cards to Ovations for the Cure.

"Glue" burritos closed with guacamole

Any hack that includes avocados deserves to be published. Another option for keeping burritos closed: refried beans! Click through to the full post for pictures.

Make absorbent ice packs out of disposable diapers

This hack had the Diapers.com folks raising their eyebrows ("Now that's a new one," said the tweet). Tons more great ideas in the comments!

Homemade fruit "creamsicles"

These look easy to whip together and delicious. Would love to hear a Parenthacker review. Several folks have responded that yogurt is a healthier alternative to heavy cream, but for some, the extra calories are good, especially during high-energy summer.

Quickly cool hot oatmeal with crushed ice

Good common sense. For those of us without a refrigerator outfitted with an icemaker, check out these mini ice cube trays! I'm smitten!

Watching parades with kids: a survival guide

Tracy's "aha" moment at a recent parade inspired this post. I love how folks are improving on my suggestions (as you always do) in the comments.

An educational bath toy that costs pennies to make: homemade siphon

Amazon: Frogg Togg Chilly Pad Cooling TowelThis will keep certain toddlers and preschoolers busy for a looooong time.

Organize crayons and markers by color family

Melissa says that this hack has encouraged her kids to put the markers and crayons away without any prompting.

Frogg Togg Chilly Pad cools hot kids quick

I can think of a bunch of ways to put this cooling towel to use. Great idea.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Bored? Try one of these cute 4th of July crafts from Make and Takes. Grab some lemonade, stay cool and enjoy!

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