Use “Jenny’s” number to get grocery club discounts

Amazon: 867-5309 / Jenny (MP3 download) Ah, the 80s! My big music decade, so I recognized this hack right away. You? Am I dating myself?

From May:

We find supermarkets a great place to feed our kids when we are out of town. Some supermarkets only give the sale price to people with a club card. Don't bother signing up for a card or paying full price. Supermarkets can look you up by phone number: use Jenny's! 867-5309 works every time. Invariably, someone has signed up with this number to avoid giving out their real phone number. 

Don't blame me if you're humming this song for the rest of the day.

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  1. Eric says

    This is also great to use at supermarkets that give fuel discounts based on rewards spending. I’ve been using this for almost 10 years as I travel a lot for work and for fun.

  2. says

    That’s a great idea, but don’t use it for fuel discounts! Those are often limited–like, I spent $50, so now next time I fill up I get $0.10 off per gallon … but you already used it!

  3. Scout says

    @Eric So, you’re basically stealing someone else’s fuel rewards? Nice. I know we save up our fuel points every month – they’re cumulative – so that I can fill up my 35 gallon tank at up to $1 off per gallon. I’d be pretty pissed if someone had plugged in my phone number and cost me my $35 in savings.

  4. Erik says

    Most supermarkets have those cards and the applications sitting at the registers – just ask for a new one, tell them you’ll fill it out at home, and you’re set. The cards work right off the paper, and you don’t *have* to fill out the application. I’ve been using the same card for years at home, and I’ve *never* filled out an app for one.

  5. Psych says

    If people were saving up rewards to use themselves and didn’t want their rewards stolen, they shouldn’t give a fake phone number. Conversely, if someone uses your rewards and *doesn’t* get the free one, then their purchase is contributing points towards *your* next reward.

  6. Marcusa says

    How can you be sure that number (867-5309) is not an actual number in your area code? If it is I’m those folks are glad you gave there number instead. Better to use a 555 exchange.

  7. Tim says

    Some area codes have Jenny numbers in use. It seems that most people don’t enjoy getting called by random strangers, so 867-5309 is usually unused. It’s not a fake number; it doesn’t fall into any of the reserved number groups, and it exists in every US area code.

    As far as fake numbers go, I like 212-555-0212, but I use my Google Voice number for free sign-up stuff, as I have it set to only forward calls from my contacts.

  8. Reed says

    To be fair, if you want to protect your savings it would be wise to use your actual number. Because most people are not able to get, nor want to keep Jenny’s number – I think this is the cost of using a false yet well known number.

    This number should be considered a hackers delight.

  9. Tom (not Tutone) says

    This trick may still work in RI, but it will likely be recognized as Gem Plumbing who infamously uses that number in our area code.