Start a school supply box to take long-term advantage of sales

Amazon: Mead Color Talk Pee Chee Portfolio, GoldenrodSchool supplies go on crazy sale during mid-to-late summer, and it makes sense to stock up. I was inspired by Tonya's comment on our post about saving money on school supplies:

I have one 12 x 12 box that I put school supplies in as I find them. This year I went through the box and the only things we needed off a list of about 15 things was a pair of full size scissors (a change from the list last year) and 120 page notebooks. Obviously this won't work for this year, but you can start after school starts and look for the things you need on clearance.

A school supply box! Of course! I just picked up ruled notebooks for 15 cents each, pencils (Ticonderoga!) for 50 cents, notebook paper for 19 cents, and composition books for a quarter. Into the box they go, where they will wait for next year's school supply lists (or to replenish this year's supplies).

At these prices it's worth setting aside the storage space. Anything your kids don't end up using can help another child through a local school supply drive.

Aside: I'm happy that Pee Chee folders are still a school supply staple. So much about school is different than when I was a kid…but Pee Chees have barely changed.

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  1. Kendra says

    Fantastic idea! As a child care provider (and therefore frequent user of paper and crayons, etc) and parent of three, I know that any school supplies we purchase are going to get used eventually. Great idea to stock up anytime I see things on sale, and then I’ll have them on hand when it comes up. It’s not like they’re suddenly going to remove crayons from the list of items required for their kindergarten class! (And you’re right, even if they did, they’re a great donation to another school.)

    Now I’m off to buy school supplies and a bin to keep them in!