26 hacks in July 2011

16 July 2011

Parent Hacks admin: Problems with comments?

I'm getting a few reports that folks are having a hard time getting the comment system to work properly. Some say the "See more comments" pagination link (it appears when there are more than 10 comments) isn't working. I've increased the number of comments visible to try to get around...

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15 July 2011

Amazon TODAY ONLY: Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Swing 50% off

This is one of those simple, inexpensive items that will make your kid(s), future siblings, visiting friends and neighborhood children very happy for years to come. A swing hanging on a tree in the front yard invites families to come together. In fact, I met a good friend for the...

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15 July 2011

Vapor rub helps you tolerate post-stomach flu cleanup

For those who want to throw up while cleaning up throw up.

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14 July 2011

Read this before you see the final Harry Potter movie

As I'm sure you know, the final installment of the Harry Potter film series premieres tomorrow. My family is full of breathless anticipation, and I've already got Sunday matinee tickets in hand. But as excited as we are, we're also sad to see the movie series end. It doesn't feel...

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14 July 2011

Put your random bag collection to work by creating "activity totes"

A recent road trip inspired me to put my random bag collection to good use. I have turned them into single-use containers for stuff I either a) misplace regularly, and/or b) need to grab for a trip out the door...

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13 July 2011

Easy, homemade coconut ice cream

Four ingredients you've likely got sitting in your pantry transform into cool, coconutty delight.

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08 July 2011

Empty fried chicken bucket good for carsickness "insurance"

I will not make a "finger-lickin' good" joke. I will not make a "finger-lickin' good" joke. I will not make a "finger-lickin' good" joke...

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07 July 2011

40+ creative uses for wooden clothespins

Bethany's amazing list of clothespin uses is like the Energizer Bunny: it keeps going and going (but without the God-awful cymbals). AND the "bag of clothespins as baby shower gift" is a pretty great hack in and of itself. Brava, Bethany!

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06 July 2011

Use "Jenny's" number to get grocery club discounts

Who knew lyrics to an 80's hit song could save us money at the grocery store?

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02 July 2011

01 July 2011

Frogg Togg Chilly Pad cools hot kids quick

Kim recommends these cooling towels for bringing down an overheated kid's temperature pronto.

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