Magna Doodle doubles as car food tray


For a number of years, the Magna Doodle was essential travel entertainment in our family. Silent, no batteries, clean, versatile…the perfect toy for a car or plane. The only problem: ours was bulky. But Tracy's husband found a way to put that "feature" to good use as well:

Amazon: Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Travel (Green) We were eating on the go in the car and didn't have any place to put our toddler's food. We realized that we had a Magna Doodle-type board in the car and it made a perfect food tray for the car!

Good as a hard surface for drawing or coloring as well.

These days, there are several brands and sizes of magnetic doodle toys, including smaller- and handled- versions for travel. But if you've got a big board floating around, keep it in the car!

An aside: These toys have a surprisingly long play life. My daughter recently won a small Magna Doodle as a prize for something or other, and she and my almost 12 year-old son played with it for the rest of the day. Another time, my husband and I came home from a night out to find our 15 year-old babysitter playing with it. "I forgot how much fun these things are!" This from a guy who's permenently attached to his iPod.

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    Haha now I’m loving these little tricks!
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    And yes, it’s funny how this toy has stood the test of TIME. It was around before I was born too.
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    Magnadoodle and Sesame Street just know how to work it.

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