Empty fried chicken bucket good for carsickness “insurance”

Amazon: Ziploc Double Zipper Freezer Gallon Bags - Total: 152 Bags (4 X 38 ct.)I will not make a "finger-lickin' good" joke.

I will not make a "finger-lickin' good" joke.

I will not make a "finger-lickin' good" joke.

From Amy:

When my kid got sick to her stomach on a long car ride, I drove through the nearest KFC and asked for an empty bucket.  It worked better than plastic bags for containing vomit, and it's disposable. I'll bet with all the folks road tripping this summer, someone can use this hack!

Gross. But true.

In case you're nowhere near a purveyor of friend chicken (such as on a twisty mountain road), keep those Ziploc freezer bags handy. They do a fine throw up-containment job.

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  1. l says

    We just returned early from a camping trip due to stomach flu. My new must-have item for camping & road trips: ice cream bucket with lid. Came into the tent with us & could be passed forwards & backwards in the van without spillage (yick).

  2. Marisol says

    We usually keep a sand bucket (the ones with the broken handles work great) handy for this (reusable), as well as pre-made “barf kits” in each passenger door. The bags consist of one gallon zip-top bag, opened and with the open edges folded over, and a paper towel, all folded up into a brown paper lunch bag. These DIY kits literally saved my clothing through the first trimester of my second pregnancy, and my kid’s car seat on several occasions.

    The bigger size bag allows the kit to be multi-purposed to accommodate other unfortunate accidents, and the paper bag makes it so you don’t need to see the mess.

  3. says

    Gross or no gross it’s happening, so make the best out of it (if at all possible) :D Excellent idea; for me any kind of disposable container is better than plastic bag – first it’s sturdier, second, lid is much easier to put on and off, and third, I don’t have to see its content.

  4. says

    Where was this hack during my barfing days? My dad’s solution was Doublemint gum, the scent of which now throws me into post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Here’s a hack for you. Should you have a child with an overactive bladder on these trips and you have a minivan with a sliding door, just slow down to 30mph, open the door and hang her out so she can let her bladder fly. Sometimes the pee will fly back in so be careful of your downwind trajectory. This is what my mom and dad did with me in 1973 on the way to Frisco. When they weren’t wife swapping and speed balling cocaine.

  5. Alli says

    We use ice cream buckets too, and they double as travel car kits – we store a receiving blanket, a plastic shopping bag or two, extra diapers and wipes in a sandwich baggie, a small toy, a straw in it’s wrapper and other small sundries inside. Keeps all those essentials neat and debris free, and easily dumped out if the bucket is needed in an emergency!