#ONEMoms: Education for all

Mwangaza Tumaini School, Nairobi, Kenya

This picture about stopped my heart when Lauren Balog of ONE posted it on Twitter. Given how much thought, reading, research, and handwringing I've done over my own kids' education so far, seeing these children hit me hard. Their beautiful smiles, their school made of corrugated metal (imagine the heat), their desks made of rough […]

#ONEMoms: Maternal- and family health care

Home-based HIV testing

The stories coming out of the ONEMoms’ trip to Kenya are remarkable. (If you need context, read my intro to ONEWeek, the collaboration between advocacy organization ONE and ten parenting bloggers). Their first two days were spent observing work that comes out of the collaboration between the US Center For Disease Control and the Kenya […]

Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 7/18/11


Summer has finally kicked in around here, and we're having fun hosting my 16 year-old cousin for a week (cousins are the most magical of relatives, don't you agree?). A second watching of Harry Potter 7, berry picking, beach play, a free concert in the park, a local college tour, the required pilgramage to Powell's […]