Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 5/30/11

Weekend Ketchup!My attention these last couple of weeks has been on my kids' school choices, learning styles, "whole kid" needs…so many variables to consider as we decide what their schooling will look like next year. The separation between a kid's "learning needs" and "general needs" is quite false, so making school decisions isn't as simple as deciding on one's preferred educational setup. It's got my head in a jumble, but I'm making progress. Thank you for talking with me about it here.

But it's the weekend! Time for relaxation and play! If you find yourself with a bit of downtime, here's an easy-going look at recent happenings at Parent Hacks:

Turn a crib siderail into a magazine rack

Incredible reuse idea from Ohdeedoh, with even more great ideas from Parenthacker in the comments. 

My recap of my family's Universal Resort Orlando trip

If you're considering a theme park vacation this summer, you might find my recap helpful.

Picky eater's delight: hot dogs + noodles = Silly Dogs

Delightful meal idea from Feed Our Families.

Your travel-with-kids hack could win you a Club Med vacation

There's still time to enter this fantastic contest put on by WeJustGotBack.com and Instructables. It would be AWESOME if a Parenthacker won. Deadline to enter: tomorrow.

Amazon deal: Willmaker Plus 2011 71% off

While the Amazon deal is over, I urge everyone to read the resulting conversation in the comments. The question: is a DIY will really a good idea?

Musings on education (and a mind-blowing video)

What's been keeping me offline a lot these days. The conversation in the comments may be more mind-blowing than the video of Sir Ken Robinson's incredible talk.

Reuse oral syringes in the kitchen

A brilliant foodie hack!

Starbucks app helps you scope promising hotel & dining locations while traveling

Totally brilliant road trip hack which we need to talk about some more next week.

Thank you all for your wisdom and warm fuzzies this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

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