Starbucks app helps you scope promising hotel & dining locations while traveling

MyStarbucks iPhone app

Caron took advantage of Starbucks' well-known location research when looking for places and eat and stay while on a road trip:

We drove from St. Louis, MO to Florida over two days and discovered this hack when we stopped for coffee on the first afternoon. We used the Starbucks iPhone app to find great lodging in Macon, GA right off the highway with nice restaurants nearby. Starbucks is usually located in tourist-friendly neighborhoods, so we used those locations as starting points for deciding where to stay and eat. 

We also used our iPhones to check Expedia's mobile site, which was able to detect our location, then compare hotel pricing, reviews, and options. When looking at details for a hotel, click the Google Map icon to open the mapping app and call to compare rates.

WOW. Yet another way mobile Internet access has changed how we travel in real time. For us, Yelp gets lots of use on the road.

What are your favorite websites or apps to use while traveling?

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  1. says

    I just would like to say that Starbucks iPhone app is great and extremely helpful solution for people traveling with entire family. Really useful app!

  2. NutellaNutterson says

    In particular, make sure it’s a Starbucks that’s open nights/weekends. Otherwise you’ve just booked yourself into the financial district over a holiday weekend – not fun!