Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 6/6/11

UGH. I'm in the second 12 hours of what I hope is a 24-hour flu. SELF-PITY! But enough about me! Let's have a look at the last week at Parent Hacks: How to make sure nothing gets left behind after vacation stays A simple, effective system for packing up at the end of a vacation […]

Pack a stamped mailing envelope in your carry-on bag to “save” TSA no-nos

Amazon: 100 - 10x13 White Poly Mailers Bags

Things I've lost while going through airport security with my carry-on luggage: The keychain-sized Swiss Army knife my grandfather gave me A new (and expensive) bottle of facial moisturizer My kids' toothpaste My sunscreen (on a flight heading from Portland, Oregon — pasty skin capital of the world — to Florida, the "Sunshine State.") My […]