One simple maneuver for cleaner diaper changes


Stacy has been changing diapers for seven years. That's a LOT of diapers. And she has just discovered a simple change in technique that keeps her baby's hands out of the "poop zone." Find out what it is at her blog, Good Enough Mommy.

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    Yep, that’s what we did. Another trick that works well when they’re older is to actually turn them over on their side to clean their bum. You can still reach all the necessaries, but the kids have less wiggle (and reach!) room. I learned this from some training I had on caregiving for special needs adults.

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    That is a great trick. Could have used it a few months ago. Now we sing. His teacher does it too. We do the Itsy-bitsy Spider or I just sing “Put your hands on your head, on your head, put your hands on your head on your head, put your hands on you head if you like the color red put your hands on your head on your head” and fill in different upper body spots and rhyming words sung to If You’re Happy and You Know it.

    Once when I was singing to him in a public bathroom a preschooler asked her mom what I was doing. The mom told her I was trying to distract my baby and then when she was a baby they always sang “The Ants Go Marching”.

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    I used to have my boys hold the clean diaper for me… kept their hands occupied long enough for me to clean up the mess, and unlike a toy, if they did manage to get it in the mess anyway, it was no biggie to throw it away. Plus it wasn’t SO interesting to them they weren’t willing to surrender it when I needed it.