Make absorbent ice packs out of disposable diapers

Amazon: Swaddlers Size Newborn Diapers Big Pack 84 CountLet's all stand up and applaud Jen for sending in a hack right after coming home from the hospital with a newborn! *applause*

I had to share a hack that the nurses used in the maternity ward.  They made ice packs out of diapers!

They opened a Pampers Swaddlers disposable diaper (since they had lots on hand), poured ice cubes inside between the layers, and then folded the top over and used the tabs to secure. This made a ice pack with a really soft, comfortable surface that absorbed the moisture as the ice melted. It also stayed cool for a long time.

I'm using this trick at home the next time I have a need for ice packs!

A more comfy alternative to my usual: a bag of frozen peas.

Anyone else have an ice pack hack?

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  1. says

    Our hospitals (and the local midwives and doulas) take thick menstrual pads, soak them in water and witch hazel and freeze them to make an antiseptic/anti-inflammatory frozen compress for new mamas.

    It would work like a treat on little scraped and banged up knees and elbows, tho.

  2. Laura says

    You can also use dispo nappies as a heat pack by soaking in hot water: v handy for hot compress for mastitis etc.

  3. Kate says

    I work in a library and we have kids fall get bumps and bruises from time to time. Our cheap trick that they can take home is taking a sponge (the kind you buy in multiple packs) putting some water on it, placing it in a plastic baggie and freezing it. As it melts it conforms to the injured area and its reusable, just re-freeze and you’re all set.

  4. Jill says

    Yes, the diaper as ice pack is absolutely brilliant, especially for stitches in the nether-regions!! :)

  5. Michelle says

    Put liquid dish soap in freezer bags and pop in the freezer. They’re pliable, like gel packs, and stay cold for quite a while.

  6. Jen says

    I second the above comment about using the diapers as hot compresses too! I had mastitis and would put some hot tap water in a diaper–the waterproof outer layer kept it from dripping all over me and it would stay warm for quite a while. Plus it conforms to the shape of your breast perfectly and is soft. Great solution!

  7. says

    We did this when our daughter was born and it was AWESOME. No mess, because the diaper absorbs the melting ice.

  8. Coco says

    bag of peas in a terrytowel ‘salad sac’ with drawstring (or small pillowcase)…. I keep it in the freezer for that purpose and it’s nice as the cover is washable.

  9. nicole says

    This is a great hack. The version I know I learned from my birthing center. The nurses there taught me to run water over a open diaper and then freeze the diaper. Once frozen you can crack the ice in the diaper and it conforms to your body beautifully. Plus is absorbs any other fluids that might be down there. :-) I lived on these (literally!) for days after my daughter’s birth.