Amazon deal: Chan rubber teether (by the maker of the famous Sophie the Giraffe) 20% off

Amazon: Vulli Chan Pie Gnon Natural Rubber Soft Chew Toy, BlueSophie the Giraffe came along after my kids were past teething age, so while I haven't experienced the phenomenon myself, I've spoken to parents who have. They lovingly liken Sophie — a soft, natural rubber teething toy — to "baby crack." Comments such as NOTHING SOOTHES MY BABY LIKE SOPHIE and WE DON'T GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT SOPHIE and OMG SOPHIE are not uncommon.

I even stopped a parent whose baby was gnawing on Sophie as we boarded a plane. I pointed at Sophie, raised my eyebrows and asked, "Really? Is Sophie really all that?" Her answer: OMG SOPHIE.

All of the Sophie preamble is to say that there's something about the texture and shape of Vulli natural rubber toys that works magic on teething babies. Chan, along with pink Pie and green Gnon, are Vulli's more "creature-like" designs, and, from the reviews, are just as soft and chewable (and addictive) as Sophie.

For the next week, Chan, Pie and/or Gnon are 20% off the list price, and the "Buy Together" deal includes Sophie. If you've got a teething baby, or you're on the hunt for a shower gift, this may do the trick. Both are part of the Amazon Mom program, are eligible for free Super Saver and Amazon Prime shipping, and are returnable for an entire year under Amazon's Free 365-Day Return policy.

At Amazon: Vulli Chan, Pie and Gnon Natural Rubber Teether, $13.19

Price good until June 16, 2011


  1. meridith says

    Oh my gosh – I could not agree MORE with this post! We received Chan (henceforth known as Squeaky Guy) as a shower gift and weren’t quite sure what to think – he’s shaped funny and has what looks suspiciously like a nipple protruding from his head!

    Cut to about 5 months later, when my son started cutting teeth. Squeaky Guy fast became Evan’s go-to chew toy (or teether…we had pets before we had kids….but this thing squeaks like a dog toy) especially when new teeth are popping up. Evan loves it so much I’m considering getting a couple more – one for the car, for the pack n play, the backpack, etc. Will definitely recommend to my mom friends!

  2. says

    I stand corrected! Let me rephrase: “The most recent wave of Sophie the Giraffe hysteria came along after my kids were past teething age…”

  3. says

    We have both Sophie and Chan and our baby boy loves them both. He hasn’t started teething yet, but at night between a bath and bottle he has a routine meltdown on the changing table. Chan is the only thing that will calm him enough to let me get his PJs on. Basically, you’ll notice the head looks a lot like a nip, so while he’s anticipating his next meal, this keeps him at bay!

  4. Tamara says

    WE LOVE this toy in our house, I buy one for every baby in my life! We call this toy “the booby prize” ROFL!! Best chewie toy EVER!!!

  5. ivy says

    Sophie contains latex which can contribute to latex allergies. Not sure if Chan does too, but just a warning. A personal friend of mine in the health industry developed a latex allergy from frequent contact with it. Now she can’t even eat out, since all restaurants use latex gloves in food preparation.